Frequent questions

Below we provide you with a list of the most frequently asked questions about our service. Any other questions you may have, we invite you to contact us.



General & Booking Questions for Executive Services

General & Booking Questions for Tourist Services

  • How can I contact Golden Crown®?Open or Close

    • The most effective means to communicate with us is through the email We are checking this medium.

  • Do you have WhatsApp through which we can quote the tours that Golden Crown® offers?Open or Close

    • We have WhatsApp, but we prioritize its use for people who have already hired our services, in order to provide them with a faster and more personalized attention to any eventuality.

    • To quote tours, the best way to do it is through our email The information you will receive in the quotes is always broad, with the purpose of making everything clear to our customers.

  • What is the meeting point to start any of the tours that Golden Crown offers?Open or Close

    • All our tours are private in which your safety and comfort are our priority; therefore, it is us who move to the place you are. Therefore, our tours begin and finish at the door of the place you requested.

    • Exclusivity and security. In a private tour, our personnel is focused on attending only people who have requested our services and nobody else will join the group or board our vehicles. Your safety is our priority.

    • Flexibility: The tour starts at the time and place our clients request it; we suggest schedules; however, the final decision depends on our clients.

    In addition, the tours can be combined with others according to your interests. Please let us known about your preferences.

    • Duration: The duration of the Tours varies; however, we always take in consideration the time for the displacements, Mexico City traffic, the time our Tourist Guide needs for the explanation and the number of group members. However, the duration can be extended at the request of our customers. The additional time will have an additional charge.

    • Optimize time: The tours we offer are carried out with the support and constant communication between a driver and at least one of our Tourist Guides. (In México by Law, one Tourist Guide can attend up to 25 people). In this way, you and your companions and our Tourist Guide will be dedicated to go on the tour while our Driver will be responsible for finding where to park -especially in Mexico City- and take care of the objects you leave in the vehicle.

  • Does Golden Crown work with tour packages? Open or Close

    • No, for now we like to be specialists only in tourist routes to ensure that whatever tour you choose, you will always have fond memories of your trip.




In Golden Crown™ we are kind, attentive, helpful, respectful and honest. We have the experience that the years of service have left us; however, we know that experience is not a finished product and that is why we are always willing to learn something new and to share it with our colleagues. In this way, we can provide a better service to our customers; and at the same time, we can be better human beings, useful to ourselves, to our families, to our Society and to our Country and in a general way, useful to Humanity.

Our Experience: We have more than 10 years of experience as Golden Crown™; therefore, you can be sure that our work team has the necessary knowledge to provide a safe, highly efficient and personalized service.

The Quality of our Vehicle Fleet: The maintenance we give our vehicles guarantees to reach their destination safely and without any setbacks.

The Service to our Clients: We are proud of the service we provide our clients and we make sure to continue doing it every day with the best attitude.