Travel Safely in Mexico City

Below we put at your disposal a list of safety issues


  • Why should you consider a Limo service company like Golden Crown when traveling to Mexico City?Open or Close

    • Booking a Golden Crown Limo service is the safest, high efficient and personalized way to travel in this enormous City and its Metropolitan area; even if you have to travel to any other destination in the Mexican Republic and vice versa.

    • Our Golden Crown Limo service takes you to and from the airport to your hotel, company, or directly to your business appointments. In addition, we can take you to discover all the options that one of the biggest cities in the World can offer like its rich cultural heritage, exquisite cuisine, magical archeological sites, colonial and modern buildings, among other wonders.

  • It’s Safer Open or Close

    • There is nothing worse than driving in a city you are unfamiliar with, because it is not safe. You might be the best driver but it I’s always dangerous fiddling with navigation, driving while also attempting to take in the sights, and driving in traffic you are not familiar with. We are in no way telling you driving yourself is something you shouldn’t do, we’re merely pointing out our experienced chauffeurs have already seen the sights and know the traffic.

    • Mexico City has more than 25 million inhabitants considering its metropolitan area and more than 5 million vehicles. Because of this, traffic is chaotic. Now, because of the stress and displeasure of being stuck Mexico City´s traffic, many people drive in a very aggressive way, besides it is worsened due to the dense population, economic instability and social violence.

    • You can be an excellent driver and you may have valuable applications on your cellular phone. These applications give you all the information you need to move around this enormous city, through the least congested routes; however, driving in Mexico City requires a little more than this, since these kinds of applications tell us about the least congested routes but in many cases these are places that people do not use because of its high risk.

    • In no way we want to scare you but it is our obligation to inform you because we can´t cover the Sun with one finger. We are not also saying that you shouldn’t drive; we are saying that it is safer, efficient and personalized to hire the services of an established company such as Golden Crown with professional drivers.

  • It’s FasterOpen or Close

    • When you hire Golden Crown to drive you around Mexico City, you are saving time because your driver and vehicle are ready to assist you. Did you know it takes as long as an hour or more to get a rental car at MX City airport? When you arrives and exit the terminal, you have to locate the rental car facility, wait in long lines, provide the correct information, and then you have to stand there and sign form after form. Then it’s time to locate a rental car in the parking lot, become familiar with it, walk around to inspect it with the company representative, and then you have to spend some time becoming accustomed to the vehicle. That is before you have to take it back and wait around for the rental company to inspect it again and of course, put some gasoline to refuel the tank. Hire us and we’ll pick you up immediately after you pick up your luggage, there is no waiting, and you will be on your way in minutes.

  • It’s More FunOpen or Close

    • Let´s face it, most people love the idea of riding around in a chauffeured car service no matter which vehicle you choose. It is luxurious and that makes it more fun. You get to feel special because we treat all our passengers with the utmost care.

    • You are a VIP to us from the moment you request the service and we arrive to pick you up, and we never deviate from that thought process. It’s fun to ride around the city in a car driven by a professional chauffeur so you can take in the sights and never worry about parking.

    • Hiring a limo service such as Golden Crown is a great way to really take care of your business, get to see the city, have some fun and stay relaxed on your next trip to Mexico City. Let us do the driving while you do the enjoying. It’s what we do, it’s what we love and we want to help you.


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Our Experience: We have more than 10 years of experience as Golden Crown™; therefore, you can be sure that our work team has the necessary knowledge to provide a safe, highly efficient and personalized service.

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