Six Flags México

Fun for all the family is absolutely guaranteed. Enjoy exciting high-speed roller-coasters with free falls and dizzying turns like "Batman The Ride", the "Boomerang" and of course "Superman; The Last Escape "or the" Galactic Attack: Roller Coaster "a unique experience with virtual reality that takes you in to a galactic battle.

Enjoy the experience and beautiful view you will have at the top of the Kilauea tower and be ready to descend in freefall; remember your physics lessons and make some mathematical operations where the factors are an initial speed of zero, the mass of your body and the gravity force that will give as a result a great smile at your face, fun, adrenaline and makes you feel more alive than ever!

For children there is a roller coaster that will introduce them to the World of adrenaline-filled experiences like the Jr Roller Coaster. Le Mans will take them to develop their driving availabilities; India Wheel will allow you to enjoy calmly and in complete safety the breathtaking view of the Park and of Mexico City; at the Splash you can take a good dip and in the Alpine Flight you will fly feeling that great sensation of freedom!

For the little ones of the family, the Park has animated shows like the Looney Tunes, an Educational Presentation of the Marine World in which the children will learn to take care of the sea animals; the Circus Express which is a slow trip on a small railroad, the Acrobatic Jet, the Labyrinth, the Elmer Globe, the Intrepid Flight of Sam Whiskers, among others!

Come with us to spend a full day, we are sure you will not complain!


Places to visit

  • Six Flags México

Travel Information

  • Duration:
12 hours
  • Start Time:
10:00 hr suggested
  • Languages:
Spanish, English, French, Portuguese
  • Travel:
  • It includes:
- Round transportation
- Admission tickets a Six Flags con pase mágico
- Bottled water and wet towels
  • Does not Include:
- Foods
- Alcoholic drinks
- Gratifications


  • Dress and fit comfortably
  • Usar lentes para Sol
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Drink water constantly
  • Bring valid official identification

What vehicle to request?

The vehicle in which the service will be performed is based on the number of people who make the journey; namely:

1 - 2


3 - 6


7 - 10


11 - 18


19 - 50


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