Historic Center of Mexico City

Listed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1987.

Our tour starts at the Plaza of the Constitution or Zócalo of Mexico City; here we can admire an enormous Mexican Flag.

We will visit the National Palace where you can expand your knowledge about Mexican history by admiring the Murals of Diego Rivera, one of the most important Mexican painters of the XX Century.

Then, just a few steps away and in the middle of the big city, we will visit the Archaeological Site of the Templo Mayor, considered the Heart of the Aztec Empire where extraordinary archeological pieces have been found that are currently exhibited in the National Museum of Anthropology such as the Aztec Calendar.


We will enter the Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico a beautiful building with a Baroque and Neoclassical architectural style that can be appreciated in its main and lateral facade, with its altars and altarpieces, its monumental organ and with special entrance lights that gives the enclosure a mystical and enchanting atmosphere.

After we will walk down on Francisco I Madero street passing in front of the Jewel Center of Mexico City, the museum of El Estanquillo, the Church of La Profesa and the House of Tiles a place full of history where if you desire, we can stop to have lunch. (Meals are not included).

Then on the way to Plaza Tolsá we will pass nearby the famous Cantina La Opera where the revolutionary Pancho Villa, joyous and euphoric due to the triumph of the Mexican Revolution, greeted the bourgeoisie who frequented this site with a shot in the air; since then and intentionally, the owners of the place have left the bullet intact.

Before arriving to Plaza Tolsa we will find the Garden of the Triple Alliance where we can see the statues of Three Tlatoanis (Aztec leaders) that formed an alliance to defend against their enemies, besides other purposes that will be explained by the tourist guide.

In the Plaza Tolsá we can admire the beauty of the Equestrian Statue known as "El Caballito" dedicated to the King of Spain Carlos IV and the beautiful facades of the National Museum of Art and the Mining Palace.

Afterwards, we will go to the Post Office Palace, a beautiful building with an eclectic style in which Renaissance, Plateresque and Art Novó elements are combined.


We will close our tour at the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts built at the beginning of the XX Century using white marble brought from Carrara, Italy, finished with an exquisite Art Novó style.

The Palace of Fine Arts is one of the most beautiful building of Mexico City, listed as an Artistic Monument by the UNESCO in 1987. An important cultural center for the capital city. The palace features theater, ballet and opera performances.

There is also a restaurant, bookstore, the National Museum of Architecture and murals by famous Mexican artists including Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros and José Clemente Orozco among others.



Places to visit

  • National Palace
  • Archeological Site of Templo Mayor (Mayor Temple) sightseeing
  • Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico
  • The House of Tiles
  • Plaza Tolsa
  • The Palace of Fine Arts

Travel Information

  • Duration:
3 - 4 hours
  • Start Time:
09:30 hr suggested
  • Languages:
Spanish, English, French, Portuguese
  • Travel:
  • It includes:
- Round transportation
- Tourist guide accredited by SECTUR
- Bottled water and wet towels
  • Does not Include:
- Foods
- Alcoholic drinks
- Gratifications


  • Dress and fit comfortably
  • Wear sun glasses, hat or hat
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Drink water constantly
  • Bring valid official identification

What vehicle to request?

The vehicle in which the service will be performed is based on the number of people who make the journey; namely:

1 - 2


3 - 6


7 - 10


11 - 18


19 - 50


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