Coyoacán is in the south of Mexico City, and is a beautiful residential area that preserves its architecture, giving us a picturesque landscape with houses in lively colors in the midst of large trees.

In the center of Coyoacán we will walk through the Plaza and Jardín Hidalgo with its Kiosco surrounded by young artists who entertain people with their circus acts, mime, with Mexican music and even rock; We will visit a bookstore-cafeteria, the handicraft market, the famous ice cream shops and the beautiful Church of San Juan Bautista, symbol of the beauty of the baroque.


Frida Kahlo Museum

We will continue our tour at the Frida Kahlo Museum where you will be able to appreciate the most beautiful and important works of art of this famous Mexican painter. "La Casa Azul", as this wonderful museum is also known, was the residence of Frida Kahlo and her beloved husband, Diego Rivera the famous Mexican painter. For a time the Russian revolutionary and politician, Leon Trotsky and his wife lived with Diego and Frida besides befriending this controversial and communist Mexican couple.


San Ángel

From Coyoacán we will go to San Ángel, a beautiful neighborhood that preserves that typical Mexican atmosphere. Here you can admire wonderful mansions with their windows adorned with pots full of multicolored flowers and robust carved doors of wood, green gardens and squares built at the end of the XIX century in a time of splendor of the country making it a preferred suburb for the high society of the time.

We will also visit the San Ángel Art Bazaar, which only opens on Saturdays and where works of art presented by its extraordinary artists are on display and for sale; here you can also find all kinds of Mexican handicrafts.

We will visit the Ex Convent of San Jacinto with its beautiful gardens.



Places to visit

  • Coyoacán
  • Frida Kahlo Museum
  • San Ángel

Travel Information

  • Duration:
4 hours
  • Start Time:
09:30 hr suggested
  • Languages:
Spanish, English, French, Portuguese
  • Travel:
  • It includes:
- Round transportation
- Admission tickets al Museo Frida Kahlo
- Tourist guide accredited by SECTUR
- Bottled water and wet towels
  • Does not Include:
- Foods
- Alcoholic drinks
- Gratifications


  • Dress and fit comfortably
  • Wear sun glasses, hat or hat
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Drink water constantly
  • Bring valid official identification

What vehicle to request?

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1 - 2


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7 - 10


11 - 18


19 - 50


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