On the road to Cholula, we will make a brief stop to admire the impressive volcanoes of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl snowcapped all year round and even more so during the winter.

Then, we will visit the Pyramid of Cholula, the largest in the world at its base. It is currently covered by vegetation; however, we are going to discover its secrets walking through tunnels that lead us to its upper part where the Catholic Church of Our Lady of Remedies is located. This archeological structure consists of several superimposed pyramids. This is a clear example of the theological conquest by the Spanish by superimposing the Aztec deities and their structures.


Santa María Tonantzintla Church

Then, just 10 minutes from Cholula, we will visit the Church of Santa María Tonantzintla, a beautiful building with a very particular Mexican Baroque style that was built by indigenous tribes who were already evangelized and who gave their personal touch to this construction by placing, among other things, angels of dark complexion; a clear example of cultural and religious syncretism.


We will take a break to savor an exquisite mole poblano, a dish made from different chilies combined with chocolate and other spices. It is served with chicken or turkey, accompanied by a rich white or red rice and some delicious handmade tortillas, while enjoying a refreshing water of horchata, jamaica or tamarind, or better yet, a cold beer.


We will continue our journey through the City Center of Puebla also known as The City of the Angeles. Here we are going to visit the Cathedral of Puebla dedicated to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception according to her Marian avocation, seat of the Archdiocese of Puebla. We will also visit the Convent of Santo Domingo to admire the beauty of the Capilla del Rosario (Rosario Chapel) considered as the eighth wonder of the World and baptized by John Paul II as The Reliquary of America. Finally, before returning to Mexico City, we are going to visit El Parián Market (optional), a site full of crafts and typical candies from Puebla.


Places to visit

  • Cholula Pyramid
  • Santa María Tonantzintla Church
  • Puebla city

Travel Information

  • Duration:
10 a 11 hours
  • Start Time:
09:30 hr suggested
  • Languages:
Spanish, English, French, Portuguese
  • Travel:
  • It includes:
- Round transportation
- Admission tickets a la ZA de Cholula
- Tourist guide accredited by SECTUR
- Bottled water and wet towels
  • Does not Include:
- Foods
- Alcoholic drinks
- Gratifications


  • Dress and fit comfortably
  • Wear sun glasses, hat or hat
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Drink water constantly
  • Bring valid official identification

What vehicle to request?

The vehicle in which the service will be performed is based on the number of people who make the journey; namely:

1 - 2


3 - 6


7 - 10


11 - 18


19 - 50


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