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  To attend the transportation needs of our customers is our job; we offer a personalized, secure and highly efficient transportation services; so, we need the best fleet and we have it: luxury sedans, minivans, vans, minibus and buses.

All our vehicles have fully insurance, roadside assistance an excellent preventive maintenance and astounding appearance.

Your security is our priority and ours too.
Golden Crown: Servicio Pick up
Passengers 3
Suitcases 3
Medium baggage 3
Toyota Camry
The Toyota Camry can comfortably carry up to 3 passengers with 3 medium baggage & 3 small suitcases.

This car is ideal for the modern business man who wants to have luxury at an affordable price. The Toyota Camry provides security and all the luxury that a luxury expensive car can give your for less price. The Toyota Camry is the car with major demand in the world because it's excellent performance, luxury features, and bigger space.

"Ideal for the modern business man" .
Golden Crown: Servicio Pick up
Passengers 5
Suitcases 5
Medium baggage 5
Chevrolet Uplander
The Uplander by Chevrolet is a versatile car; an ideal car for passengers who make trips with extra baggage. The Uplander is a minivan designed for small groups and people, who prefer bigger space, luxury features, and all the convenience that a minivan can offer.

The Ideal solution for small group transport.

"Space means com fort" .
Golden Crown: Servicio Pick up
Passengers 10
Suitcases 6
Medium baggage 6
Chevrolet Express Van (10 Passengers)
Our Chevrolet Express Van can offers spacious comfort for you and your entire passenger and comfortably carry up to 10 passengers including 6 medium luggage & 6 backpacks. Power windows and rear passenger air condition and pass-through rear seats on our Express Van gives you plenty of room for simple entry and exit without sacrificing seating. Combine the above with available comfort options for our passenger, Express Van is ideal to accommodate your needs (business or vacations).

This car is ideal for large groups with excess luggage.

"Great value for money"
Golden Crown: Servicio Pick up
Passengers 17
Suitcases 5
Medium baggage 5
Mercedez Sprinter (17 Passengers)
The Mercedes Benz Sprinter can carry up 17 passengers with luggage.

This vehicle has enormous space and is ideal for your conventions and special events from any place in and around Mexico City.

Equipped with air conditioner, surround system, DVD system
Golden Crown: Servicio Pick up
Passengers 42-46
Mercedes Benz Montego (42 and 46 Passengers)
Considered the bus of the decade with a robust, reliable and with the best electronic equipment of this technological age.

Equipped with reclining seats, two doors, microphone, monitor and LCD screens, cooler for your food service, air conditioning, panoramic windows, stereo music, wc and VIGIA team (in case of a tire puncture, maintaining tire pressure to normal) .
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